Supplementary Modules & Additional Content

In addition to the content contained within our standard courses, we can also offer the following individual modules which can be added to existing courses or mixed and matched with any other content to create your own bespoke course(s).
These modules give a more in-depth understanding of the topic and can be used alongside statutory/mandatory training modules to help satisfy role-specific training requirements and learning outcomes:

Additional Content

1. Food Hygiene
2. Lone Working
3. Mental Capacity Act 2005
4. Mental Health Act 2007
5. Mental Health Awareness
6. Learning Disability Awareness
7. Epilepsy Awareness
8. First Aid Awareness & Anaphylaxis
9. First Response
10. Reducing Restraints in Health & Social Care Environments
11. Countering Fraud, Bribery & Corruption in the NHS
12. Complaints
13. Chaperoning
14. Sepsis Awareness
15. National Early Warning Score (NEWS)2
16. Tissue Viability
17. Dysphagia Care
18. Autism Awareness