Food Safety Training - Level 1

This course is aimed at Health and Social Care workers who are involved in the day to day preparation and handling of food, including cooking and serving;

Whether you are responsible for preparing fresh food daily or helping people prepare their own meals, the principles are the same and it is important to understand the basic principles of food hygiene, personal hygiene and how to prepare and heat food safely, especially if you are looking after people in their own homes.

The course content will help you understand the basics, keeping people safe and enjoying their meals and meets the learning requirements for Level 1 Food Safety Awareness (matching the CIEH Level 1 Award in Food Safety Awareness syllabus)

This course costs £10 (+VAT) = 2 Tokens

Course Content and Training Modules

1. Legislation
2. Cross-contamination and Food Poisoning
3. Personal Health and Hygiene
4. Food Storage
5. Food Temperatures
6. Waste Disposal
7. Pest Control
8. Allergies and Intolerances - And how to manage these when preparing menus, meals and substituting ingredients